Thermo swimm cover

Our thermal pool cover consists of a multilayer film which is in a 3-layer process technology. The surface film consists of a very high tear strength and fabric-reinforced polyethylene material that is quite smooth and easy to care for this. The middle layer consists of a closed cell insulating foam on the bottom with a waffle back in pyramid form. Causes the film to breathe in and not stick together when rolled. The bottom layer is a vapor barrier, consisting of a polyethylene film and the film also protects against injury.

The thermal pool cover is in the local hotel and especially good for special forms. The area can be stored in segments on mobile carts and stored during the bathing operation outside the operating zone. Purpose-built "garages" are included. The film material is lightweight and flexible, so all curves and corners feasible. In wind-prone areas in swimming pools, we recommend the film be provided with storm ropes.

Awarded in the indoor pool suitable for columns and ceiling mounting

Thermal shutter

Energy saving is getting more important with our thermal-blinds, we can make a contribution. Energy saving, and  Aesthetics characterize the thermal shutter cover. We offer 3 different profiles and 6 standard colors (special colors on request). The standard colors: polar white, light blue, ocean blue, silver gray, sand and bahama beige. Our profiles are designed especially for the pool area, and had been through years of experience developed and specified. The use of the municipal sector is as much for the classification of thermal shutters such as energy conservation and efficiency. Therefore, our profiles are curved upward so that the water flow better and the dirt will not quickly fix.

duo therm PLUS Profile - a small elegant profile for the hall area, twice watertight seal and side rounded end caps. Beam Width: 8 mm

quattro-therm 4-chamber profile with a slightly curved stable surface, so water can drain well. Dual water-tight seal with rounded end caps 10 mm Profile.

aqua-therm 6 - chamber profile with excellent U-value of robust convex shape 2-way sealed watertight with rounded end caps. Profile thickness 14 mm