Installation types

Depending on structural features, there are several ways the pool cover to - handle and to stow away safely so that they do not interfere during bathing .

In our drive range can be found above ground designed motors, winding systems with and without disguise. Statement by the pool and moved, crank cases with reduction. And you need to save space, we recommend a ceiling mount. If you drive a largely invisible, then the engine bay would be separate (handling) ensures the right option for you. For retrofitting, the mounted submersible in the filled pool and is also to be almost invisible. Are you still in the planning phase, the following installation variants are possible: horizontal shaft beneath the pelvic floor - with hinged lid, molded-in wave winding recess. Engine in the handling or integrated in the shaft. Our motors are virtually maintenance free and durable. Longevity pays off. Ask us!

engine at the pool edge

Surface panel

mobile system

Ceiling installation

In the pool lying cover