Outdoor pool for municipalities and hotel spas

For outdoor pools, no matter whether it is a system is the 130 days or 365 days in operation, the operator is always profitable and a pool cover can help protect the environment

Free edge of the pool by mobile systems is just one example of how to cover your swimming pool outside. Our mobile cover system makes it possible, no matter what form her pelvis has, in segments, roll up and place them on carts outside the traffic zone, with parking garage or space provided on site parking. With cover can provide the covers to improper handling by bathers and also be protected from the elements.

Smaller covers are rolled up with steering wheels, which are provided with the parking brake and drove away. Larger covers are on track with special roles in motor or manually made parallel to the pelvis mobile.

What is the best coverage for you depends on whether you have an existing system or are still in the planning. We offer both film covers for curved shapes of pool covers and roller shutters to be particularly durable alternative. Shutter covers are very stable and low maintenance, single rods are replaced by years and still be deliverable. The excellent U-value is the aqua therm Profile noteworthy. All profiles, including the base material are made in Germany and manufactured in our plant by hand. By using a special seal (or special funds) will air each rod-and watertight. A variety of profiles to expect. We work with you to find the right solution for your pool.

If you value quality and high technical expertise lay, you've come to the right.