Komfortline de lux

Comfort Line de luxe, the "ultimate" in the multi-purpose and winter covers.

The difference is in the children's safety, the mounting and the material used. It is possible for us with this cover, to the individual needs of the pool owner to respond and to provide a perfectly tailored to his pelvis product.


Benefits at a Glance:

     * Children and snow load safely
     * reduced soil
     * Protection against unpleasant swimmers (frogs, mice, etc.)
     * durable polypropylene mesh
     * water permeable over the entire surface
     * Mounting bolt with adjustable inlet
     * Gurtabstand about 90 cm (150 cm optional for areas with little snowfall.)
     * reduced sunlight, so algae growth low


If the water level by more than 40 cm lowered, they must be used as a support against the weight of snow inflatable air cushion. Other useful accessories can be found in the