Winter Cover Accessories

as useful accessories, we recommend:

Storage bag for storing the winter cover from spring to autumn.

Inflatable pleasure pad

Size: 100 x 100 cm 56 cm high and 10 m

             200 x 100 cm 63 cm high and 20 m

             300 x 200 cm 130 cm high and 50 m


  Eisdruckpolster to protect from frost pressure

Baths should be to protect against freezing on the ground water by frost, are not emptied in the winter generally.
The exercises in freezing temperatures freeze the water in the pool but from a high pressure on pool walls, which can cause damage.
Eisdruckpolster take on the resulting pressure. They will be mounted one on each side and front side (25m pool length on all 4 sides) of the pool and prevent frost breaking reliable.

Made of black polyethylene
The float is hermetically sealed
The ballast box is filled with sand to stabilize
L x H x W: 50 x 32 x 4 cm
Supplied with connectors.
So that the pads are coupled to each other endlessly.