For an approximate determination




Often false expectations are placed on the solar system. This is usually at the wrong advice. We try you and our dealers in the planning phase to  care optimal. Here will help us  modern software and experience to find  the real solar system or absorber systems and their right size and location .

The design of the solar-absorber system

The size of the absorber surface depends on the prevailing operating conditions. According to the practice experience, the absorber areashoud be 80-100%, measured at the surface of the pool. In combination with a pool cover is the use of a solar heating system more efficient and the size of the absorber surface can be reduced by about 50%.

The above diagram can for example show the efficiency of the solar system . On the x-axis shows the temperature difference which is to be heated. for example. a swimming pool to be heated at an  temperature of 32 ° C to 24 ° C. The temperature difference is 8C °. The efficiency of the system can be followed on the y-axis.