Quick and easy installation

Whether on roof-mounted, in roof-mounted or anywhere, where high power is required collectors are the right choice.

Whether water heating, space heating or swimming pool heating, on a year-round use, they cover much of their energy needs.

As the fossil fuels are more expensive and their supply is limited occupies the importance of energy consumption in the whole house more and more of. This allows a wide range of energy requirements of a house with a swimming pool to solve optimally. We offer you a sophisticated system by your energy management program is tailored to you.

Competent care

The companyaqua-vogt also offers provide technical support and comprehensive service. Whether in calculations, design, or installation tips. We are pleased to inform you personally about the solar system which is right for you.

Our extensive experience helps you to a long term solution optimimalen.

  • Röhrenkollektor aqua-hot
  • Flachkollektor aqua-sun

 Tube - Collector aqua-hot   Flat-collector aqua-sun