Flat-collector aqua-star

Our extensive experience helps you to a long-term optimal solution.

Whether on roof - in roof - flat roof - or facade collectors here in the solar system fits perfectly into your building.

The high-performance flat-plate collector can be made for high energy requirements, could use  as service water,   heating and pool water heating.

The age-resistant high tech TiNox absorbers guarantees the highest and most ecological
productivity. By application-specific flow guide is in the low-flow range, the efficiency very high.

  •  Intelligent and maintenance system
  •      Each pitch adaptable
  •      Compatible with any standard heating system
  •      Optimized energy yield of a concerted Solar System
  •      Maximum power output during swimming pool water


Through a highly transparent solar glass  directly get the  diffuse sunlight into the collector and the absorber is immediately converted into heat. This heat is on the whole net - passed from collector to a heat transfer fluid. The temperature controller monitors the DTD collectors and the temperature difference to the store. By continuous assessment with the measurement data, the DTD automatically switches from a defined temperature and also again. Thus, working DTD concept expressed efficiently: even the last remnant of heat enters the store and will be fully exploited. If the temperature in the collector goes higher as the storage temperature, a control switch in the circuit pump on  and the heat goes automatically in hot water tank, heating buffer or the swimming pool . Cooled liquid is circulated again transported to the collector and reheated.

The av-solar systems are by their sophisticated mounting system at any time extend easily and quickly.