Solar energy is the force of nature


with aqua-hot tube collectors

A consistent use of advanced solar technology can win a majority of the heat, needed for hot water and heating . aqua vogt delivers a technically advanced solar energy system, with   long-life, which is expressed not least in the longer warranty periods. High heat output with good comfort and a reasonable sized solar system will be normality.

The tube collectors are distinguished by maximum performance with small dimensions.

With one of the highest ever measured values at ITW Stuttgart, the aqua-hot play to its advantages. The vacuum insulation and the large 360 ° Absober with the reflective white back ,care even in the transitional period for 100% solar energy coverage. This collector plays his best performance fully, even at negativ temperatures in winter and in cloudy weather or rain.

The tube collector can also be used in an unfavorable corner

Advantages of the tube collector


  •  The absorber tubes are made of uniform borosilicate glass, no glass-metal connection
  •      Rotating absorber for maximum energy intake to 80% of diffuse 
  • radiation
  •      no optical reduction by oblique irradiation
  •      Connecting the elements with standard tools
  •      high yields, especially in cold seasons
  •      Pollution-free rear wall (smooth surface) self-cleaning

Intelligent and service friendly Solarsytem at a fair price

The temperature difference control, the brain provides the innovative solar system that even the smallest remainder is given to solar heat in the memory. This DTD controller provide a high energy yield. This control can also heat counts are carried out. This solar controller is its extremely precise temperature monitoring. The carrier fluid before and after the heat transfer is monitored and can thus be achieved even in difficult locations, an effective benefit.