Top unsurpassed in quality and types and colors.

The ideal solution for indoor and outdoor pools. For standing type of engine in and on the pelvic rim.

The thermo-shutter cover is made of extruded profiles. An elegant, long-lasting and durable design solution that allows up to 80% of energy requirements of a swimming pool is saved. The thermo-shutter cover is characterized by a flexible mounting and perfect handling.

The swimming pool water quality is improved because chlorine consuming UV rays are shielded and not many microorganisms grow in the dark so quickly. Thus can the use of chemicals by a thermal-blinds cover reduced. Moisture damage to building materials is effectively prevented by low humidity in the indoor pool. The term of dehumidifiers and heat pumps can be reduced.

Security Although no children are allowed to be unsupervised around the pool, which offers roller shutters at his part of the security. By a structural shape of the pelvic head or grab bars, children or pets fall on the shutter without that this gives way immediately. Full details can be found at our specialist consultants.

Why profile variety. Especially for the needs of swimming pool covers, and for every application in the pool area, we have developed profiles. Thus we have the smallest profile to the retrofit of TSA, solar profiles for passive solar heating profile for minimum space requirements for winding diameter, highly stable 4Kammerprofil with 100% isolation chambers to the high end profile Reversible profile double hook chamber and a thermal zones chambers. All profiles are white on the side ends with special caps or sealed shutter color, 2-way air and water tight. Of course, all the profiles the best clip art to simplify the assembly and disassembly. Three profiles have been developed in 2004 and thus could contribute their experience in recent years. So we can say of us- as much choice as we have no one.