Underground installation types

A variety of facilities to make your cover virtually invisible. In this cover type, it is immaterial whether a thin-wall tanks or tiled pools, one made of stainless steel or even have a slide pool, with the underground type of engine you are always flexible.

If the cover is already in planning or finishing of the pool is taken into account, the cover can be provided for already under the pelvic floor in a shaft. Next there is the possibility of the cover behind the actual pool in a shaft to accommodate the motor outside in a separate dry well or with a motor shaft. In addition, the cover on an end wall in a "backpack niche or directly mounted in the basin.

There are 2 variants to accommodate the engine. The side with a dry sump or pool surround with a watertight screw or with a built motor shaft.

When retrofitting, are also found in several ways. Thus, the assembly on the pelvic floor performed with underwater seat or be realized by hanging by the pool. Get advice we can help you drive which is most appropriate for you.

These covers can be dressed up or made a with a wall in front.