duo therm PLUS

The 2-chamber profile made of rigid PVC is our smallest profile. Beam Width: 8 mm Older types of profiles can be retrofitted with this profile. Since the profile is curved, the water can drain properly. The small hook chamber of this profile wrapped very tight. Especially with private baths and indoor use. Not suitable for child protection.


quattro therm

The four-chamber profile made of rigid PVC is very robust and stable. The close hook chamber and curved surface to ensure a low calcification. Can be used for outdoor swimming pools for local authorities and hotel pools. Profile thickness 10 mm


The 6-chamber turning profile. Our highlight of the profiles is made of rigid PVC with a double hook. The flexible cover best U-values in the profiles. The convex shape facilitates rotation of the cover. aqua-therm profiles are ideal for ceiling or pillar mounting, and for double shutter plants and backpack slots. Profile thickness 14 mm

Sun case translucent

The 4 - chamber profile transforms solar energy into heat. The profile allows the heating of the pool water by the sun, while the coverage compared to closed The solar section must always be provided with a fairing. Profile thickness 10 mm

Sun case translucent / black

The high-quality 2-chamber profile, translucent top - black base allows heating the bath water with the flip closed. The black underside causes algae reduction. Solar-black profiles are provided with a fairing. Profile thickness 14 mm.


Sun trap made of polycarbonate. In the translucent colors, translucent black, and translucent-blue available. There is no need for disguise, extreme impact resistant, hail resistant to mechanical size of a grain of up to 30 mm, good properties.