Types of installation above ground

You, as customers individual requirements, we the best type of engine. Whether you opt for an automatic or manual winding, we provide the best coverage of any type of drive.
Above ground systems are particularly suitable for subsequent installation of roller shutter door. The plant is situated at the end of the pool and either crank or motor operated by pressing a button. You can choose between the operating switch on the engine, remote control switch, on or flush with or without a key and remote control. aqua-vogt.de drive systems provide quality and comfort and ease of use in one.
If you decide to make use of a motorized drive to your thermal shutters cover by pressing a button or remote control switch can make this safe and can be opened or closed quickly. This allows your pool quickly and easily from cooling down and fall into it from foreign bodies, to use or overnight to be protected.
Select the drive you have to trim the same time a place where you can relax and their coverage during the bathing is stored safely. With limited space, we recommend a ceiling mount.