Thermal protection Roll

Clean and heat insulation provides protection plus accident cover these

The is located on the edge of the pool THERMAL ROLL fungicide from special material is extremely durable, tear-resistant, hygienic and above all, accidents. By the contact of the rods sewn on the edge of the pool formed between the water surface and the plane an insulating air cushion. This effectively protects against heat and water loss. The thermal protection Roll is designed for a high level of security.

We recommend for small children as an additional safety rod spacing of 1.00 m to 1.30 m instead choose.

The THERMAL ROLL is the best alternative from contamination of the pool water. In many outdoor pools are close to the pool coniferous and deciduous trees that annoying stains left on all year. So does the dirt on the THERMAL ROLL collect and easy to remove from the cover. The overhead cover fits almost any pool shape and is easy to clean (just spray with the hose!). A proper water circulation in the covered pool is guaranteed.

With a winter's support, the cover in the winter to stay in the pool.