The THERMAL PROTECTION ROLL by aqua is available in the following colors.




Our THERMAL PROTECTION ROLL is made of PVC-coated fabric-reinforced polyester fabric. The cover is on the edge of the pool to All 1.30 rods are sewn into the sag of the film prevented.

If desired, this cover still made safer by the poles - are sewn every 1 m - an additional cost. With rough edge panels, we recommend that you order the cover, in addition with reinforced edges. In the middle between the poles rain drain holes are punched.

In the initial bar is a square riveted mounted on the crank is. So you can lock off the cover easily. Moved it comes with a strap which is also riveted to the first rod.

The lateral bracing of the cover by means of an eyelet which is incorporated in each field in the middle and using a rubber clamp and dowel case can be made. So you protect the tarp from wind gusts and in addition, the cover is secured hermetically against the falling of children and small animals. The crank handle up to 58 square meters is equipped with a reduction ratio of 1:3. Larger pools get a hand crank of 1:7.

The cover may remain to winter on the tank, but must be necessarily provided with a winter's support, because otherwise bend the poles through the snow.