Semi-automatic execution

As an accessory to our thermal protection roll we offer you the semi-automatic version.

A battery-powered engine takes over the cranks of the cover. Closed, the cover of a belt that the cover, thermal-protection-roll is sewn. The contact area of the thermal-protection-roll should be at least 20 cm per side.

Useful Accessories

In addition to the thermal protection roll we offer suitable for your coverage: from sagging support so that our winter cover of snow load and bend the aluminum poles themselves.


If you want to store the thermal protection or cover roll when rolled up our sleeve is the perfect accessory. The protective cover is provided with round eyes, for storing the cover or tarp rolled back without disguise.


Schema / structure of the winter support

Sitting and reclining bench in wood

self-supporting, fully assembled, drive, and supports integrated in the bank, under construction in stainless steel. Ready-assembled panel of 30 mm thick weather resistant Miranti. (Other species on request)

Roll for the thermal barrier is made of solar material, we strongly recommend a panel of cover in the form of a seat - or lying bank or with a protective cover.