Thermo Swim Cover

The floating film cover

Suitable for all pool sizes, and almost all shapes Clean and heat insulation: environmental protection and economic efficiency for indoor and outdoor pools

The thermal pool cover is a multi-layer, 6 mm thick PE film. A practical, durable and easy design solution that allows up to 75% of energy requirements of a swimming pool can be saved. The thermal cover mold is characterized by a maximum vapor barrier. The top is smooth, the "foam layer" isolated and the waffle-like strong backing allows the cover when rolled up sticking together.

The thermal pool cover offers you many possibilities to cover even the most unusual pool shapes. Even geographically limited options are feasible, we find a solution that will satisfy you.

The swimming pool water quality is improved because chlorine consuming UV rays are shielded many microorganisms in the dark no longer grow as fast.
So can the use of chemicals by a thermal pool cover to reduce significantly. Moisture damage to building materials is effectively prevented. The term of dehumidifiers and heat pumps can be reduced.