Installation types

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With many well thought out design details, anywhere "invisible" to install.

A variety of types of drives and panels formed, thanks to its own development and manufacturing, for you. Whether on the pool deck standing with crank or motor drive, mobile solutions or ceilings - and column assembly

At indoor pools may also be a ceiling or wall mounting can be realized. Thus, specifically tailored to each application is responding and the best possible solution is found.

Reel is available as a hand crank, hand crank with reduction to the motorized reel. Alternatively, to use the engine off, by remote control or radio. The thermal swimming can cover with a lining, which manufactures half-round or as a sitting and reclining bench in wood or plastic.

Whether you opt for the cheaper version, the hand crank, or if you want more comfort through motorization, with aqua vogt you make the right decision.